Journal september 2022

Promotions 2022 - Danijel Peric


We are particularly pleased to award an individual, who has achieved exceptional performance over the past quarters. Based on his achievements, this person will be part of the selected group of directors as of October 2022, thus becoming another important pillar of the Green Finance Group.

Congratulations to Mr. Danijel Peric on achieving the position of Business Director and we welcome him to the team of directors!

More about the person: DANIJEL PERIĆ

Even at a young age I knew, I knew at a young age where my path would lead me. To be exact, I was just eight years old at the time.

I wasn’t clear what industry I would be in, however, I knew I really wanted to go to work in a suit.


My professional life began very early; I completed an internship at Bank Austria at the age of 14. Working with people excited me even back then.


I completed my apprenticeship as an office/forwarding agent. Activities such as telephoning, administration and leadership, I not only liked, but loved.

I was always willing to do more than others, which was reflected in the amount of overtime I worked.


My best friend approached me about a part-time job and said it would be an extremely good fit for me.

I was no longer paid according to the time I worked, but according to performance. That’s exactly what I liked most!

I quickly noticed that the topics of leadership and getting things done came relatively easily to me.

For two years I gained experience in financial services and thus completed the theory in the form of the qualification as an insurance agent.


A new chapter began for me, the chapter of Green Finance.

I moved to Green Finance with a small group of five employees. However, already at the beginning of my job I had formed a great vision for the future.

The first two years there were no excuses, only dedication, hard work, discipline and indispensable commitment to what I wanted to achieve.

The salary?

I was able to become the director of our internationally active group, which not only changed me positively professionally, but also on a personal level.

My goals and highlights achieved in Green Finance:

  • Realization of my childhood dream in March 2022 – DREAMCAR BMW 745 Le
  • Over 90 active Business Partners
  • Five-figure income after just 10 months
  • 10 offices in one location
  • The position of Business Director achieved
  • Over € 3 million in capital raised

Yes, there is also luck involved. But I’ve noticed one thing since I started. The harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

This is all just the beginning!

Danijel PERIC