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Green Finance Broker AG
Fürst-Franz-Josef-Straße 68
FL-9490 Vaduz

Tel.: 00423 376 44 88


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Green Finance offices

The listed locations are operated by independent business partners

GF Altach

Widenfeldstrasse 1
AT-6844 Altach

GF Bratislava

Mileticova 21
SK-82108 Bratislava

GF Deggendorf

Nörerstraße 5
DE-94469 Deggendorf

GBC Graz

Liebenauer Hauptstrasse 82c
AT-8041 Graz

Green Castle Hantberg

Johnsdorf 4
AT-8350 Johnsdorf

GF Hohenau

Kirchengasse 12
AT-2273 Hohenau

IW Marketing Bludenz

Grete-Gulbransson-Weg 17
6700 Bludenz ​

GF Klagenfurt 01

Koningsbergerstraße 3
AT-9020 Klagenfurt

GF Klagenfurt 02

May 8 Street 28
AT-9020 Klagenfurt

GF Laakirchen

Dr. Mitterbauer-Straße 2c
AT-4663 Laakirchen

GBC Linz

Wegscheider Str. 26
AT-4020 Linz

GF Mamming / Niederbayern

Prangstraße 1
94437 Mamming

GF Maribor / Ptuj

Belšakova ulica 2
2250 Ptuj

GF Pottendorf

Hauptstraße 6
AT-2486 Pottendorf

GF Revision&Compliance

Fürst-Franz-Josef-Str. 68
LIE-9490 Vaduz

Green Hotel Römerstein

Henndorf-Therme 18
8282 Loipersdorf bei Fürstenfeld

GBC Wien

Leberstrasse 122
AT-1110 Wien

GF Wien 03

Faradaygasse 6
AT-1030 Wien

GF Wien 15

Johnstrasse 4
AT-1150 Wien

GF Wien 22

Kagranerplatz 9
AT-1220 Wien

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What are the Most frequently asked questions ?


Here, you will find the most important answers to the most frequently asked questions about Green Finance.

What does a career at Green Finance Broker AG look like?

From the age of 18, everyone has the opportunity to apply at Green Finance Broker AG. As a rule, you will start in the position of Business Assistant 1 and can work your way up by achieving success for the business, thus also receiving increased commission. Payments are made on a commission basis. From the position of Team Manager onwards, there are also team commissions in addition to personal commissions.

How does Green Finance Broker AG's Dream Car Programme work?

Green Finance Broker AG’s business partners receive monthly allowances for their very own dream car, depending on the commissions they generate through Green Finance Premium products. More information can be found in the portal for Green Business Partners.

How does Green Finance Broker AG's Office Support Programme work?

Business partners who achieve good results at Green Finance Group AG receive allowances for their office. It is thus possible to build up your own distinguished location for customers and business partners even when just starting your business activities.

What does a career at Green Finance Broker AG look like for a newcomer to the industry who's just getting started?

At the start of your Green Finance career, you will participate in our standardised and proven training units. Once you’ve completed your basic induction, you will undertake a foundational training course lasting several weeks. The specific expertise involved in the Green Finance range of services, as well as personality development, which is equally important, is then discussed and nurtured. All these high-quality training elements are completely free of charge and therefore constitute an important unique selling point of the Green Finance Group.

How can I move up to the next highest position in my career at Green Finance Broker AG?

At Green Finance Broker AG, there are two career paths. The next highest position can be achieved either by means of personal production (without a sales team) or via team production. There is a turnover threshold that must be reached for each position. In the higher positions, it is necessary to achieve this in two consecutive quarters.

What is the philosophy of the Green Finance Group?

The philosophy is based on all topics of sustainability, no matter if it is about product fields or career opportunities. Green Finance Group is active in areas of valuable real estate, sustainable capital investments as well as renewable energies. The Green Finance Broker AG shows customers the advantages of its product range and convinces through stock exchange independence. Furthermore, ambitious people have the opportunity to start a career as an independent business partner of Green Finance Broker AG. One can expect great incentives, a unique Dream Car program as well as high and fair commissions and a unique training system.

How does the Green Finance Group differ from other financial services companies on the market?

The Green Finance Group specializes in sustainable financial products. It deliberately does not offer one-stop financial services. The focus is on the above-mentioned core topics as well as on litigation financing.

What requirements are there in terms of what I need to offer to be able to work at Green Finance Broker AG?

In principle, no specific training is required to work at Green Finance Broker AG. However, in the Green Finance Group, a positive attitude to work, honesty and ambition are prerequisites for success. Experience in sales or financial services is an advantage.

What is passive income, and how can I earn it in the Green Finance Group?

We speak of passive income when someone achieves a monthly, regular income without having to make any repeated efforts and without any operational efforts of their own. This makes it possible to build up a permanent income that is paid out regularly, even without any additional sales. This leads to noticeable stabilisation of the finances of business partners.

Which products does the Green Finance Group distribute?

The Green Finance Broker AG offers different products independent of the stock exchange. One can become a co-owner of real estate already with a small sum of money. Offered are for example shares on the respective MEG projects (e.g.: MEG Mauerkirchen) or IT services for online identification of products in the field of renewable energies. The Green Finance Group AG has a subsidiary, the Green Finance Capital AG, which acts as an issuer of capital investments and thus offers the possibility to invest in the Green Finance Group.

For which investors are the products of the Green Finance Group suitable?

The products are suitable for anyone who wants to invest in the topic of sustainability. Starting at €25 per month and extending to one-off deposits that can even be in the seven-digit range, the freedom and scope of investment leave all options open. As with any product on the financial market, there are also risks, which can be gleaned in the relevant documents.

What are incentives and in what form are they at Green Finance Broker AG?

Incentive means stimulus. From an entrepreneurial point of view are incentives meant to motivate the Business Partners on one hand, and on the other give them a deeper insight into the future business strategies of the company.

Green Finance Broker AG offers its Business Partners a variety of travel incentives to the most beautiful places in the world. There, each Business Partner has the opportunity to exchange ideas with the management and the best Business Partners of the company and to benefit from their know-how and experience.

What exactly does the Green Finance Group do?

The Green Finance Group is an expert in the areas of valuable real estate, renewable energy and sustainable capital investments. With respect to the environment, real estate is renovated or purchased, electricity is generated by the sun and capital investments are offered that are more profitable than the classical home savings accounts and life insurance.

What is the advantage of investments outside the stock market?

The principle of the stock exchange is based on supply and demand. This can lead to fluctuations, which can often be very painful for investors. There are often no fundamental reasons for these fluctuations, as a lot of psychology and expectations have an influence.

What exactly is the MEG- Mauerkirchen project?

The Mauerkirchen project is one of the real estate projects of the Green Finance Group. It is an old furniture store that has been renovated and turned into a high-quality residential complex with 38 apartments. Thanks to the low-energy construction, large photovoltaic system as well as a playground on the roof of the house and a green atrium inside the complex, this property is one of the most beautiful housing options in the entire district. The property was fully rented within 1.5 years.

How can I benefit as an investor?

Investors have the opportunity to acquire shares in the MEG Mauerkirchen project from ImmoWerte GmbH. These shares offer the greatest possible security, because each investor is also recorded as an owner in the Austrian land register. Furthermore, the investor benefits from the monthly rental payouts. The administrative expenses are fully taken care of by ImmoWerte GmbH, a subsidiary of the Green Finance Group.

In which areas does the Green Finance Group practice sustainability?

Real estate projects focus on revitalization of existing buildings instead of new construction. By involving local communities in the process as well as organizations for the protection of nature and historical monuments, we add value to the society.

Energy generation is based on renewable resources such as the sun and valuable renewable raw material wood. When it comes to sustainable capital investments, the company invests very carefully in the clients´ interests.

Pioneer project in this area is the Green Business Center Linz. The building uses air heat pump, which heats the building during winter months and cools the offices in summer.

Sustainability is exercised in many other areas, for example with the 1000 Trees Program or the Dream Car Program, which focuses on hybrid and electric mobility.

What training will I receive at Green Finance Broker AG?

There are monthly training units in the company, as well as seminars in which the philosophy of our group of companies and the career opportunities are explained.

For existing business partners (BPs for short) who have been in the company for a long time, there are also training courses in the field of personality development, as well as workshops on current topics so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

For those interested in becoming a business partner, there is the possibility of participating in so-called selection processes, or company presentations, without obligation. All training units are free of charge, and catering is also provided.

How does the company Green Finance Group AG stand and what results were achieved in the calendar year 2022?

The annual Green Business Report contains the most important key figures. Starting with the assets, followed by the revenues up to the EBIT, one can find all relevant figures that prove the economic success of the Green Finance Group.