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If you want to make more of yourself and your life, Green Finance is the right place for you!

Green Finance Broker AG offers great programs, office expense allowances and trainings on a wide range of topics.


In the summer of 2015, five finance professionals laid the foundations for Green Finance GmbH (now ImmoWerte GmbH). The main goal of the founding members was to create improved investment opportunities for the clients and at the same time create benefits for the salesmen (now the Green Business Partners).

These include fair, transparent and permanent commission invoicing and no cancellation charges, as is customary in the brokerage of life insurance policies. Additionally, all outstanding commissions are transferred on time every month, until the end of the contract (in some cases for up to 25 years), even in case of termination of the activity.

With growing success, the bonuses for Green Business Partners have been greatly expanded and nowadays include, among others, office expense allowances, the Dream Car program, incentives and free promotional items.

The ambitious goals defined in Green Vision 2020, were in some cases even exceeded.

A special attribute of the Green Finance Group is the reliability of its employees, management and directors.

All founding directors are still working for Green Finance Broker AG and are fully motivated for further expansion.

Meanwhile, the business areas of the Green Finance Group include the distribution of various product solutions (Green Finance Broker AG), real estate development (ImmoWerte GmbH), the operation of the Green Business Centers, litigation financing (LVA24 Prozessfinanzierung GmbH) and financing and insurance agency (Zenith GmbH).

Beprechung mit Notebook an Tisch
Gruppenfoto der Direktoren von Green Finance
Visualisierung des MEG Weng mittels 3d Modell
3d Visualisierung des GBC Wien
Das Gebäude GBC Linz von vorne
Schloss Hantberg
MEG Mauerkirchen
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€ 1 billion







and promote further education.
and act without being asked.
and take advantage of our opportunities.


towards our goals.
towards Green Finance.
towards our clients.


we speak and act in a positive manner.
we are solution and result oriented.


and shine like winners.
and live our vision.
and continue to grow.


and we smile every day.
and we help other people to find their happiness.
and we are financially independent.


and we never give up.
and we learn from our experience.
and we are focused and efficient.


and create long lasting customer relationships.
and generate passive income.
And we share our successes.


Green Finance Broker AG is home to over 6,500 business partners in six countries. The business partners are the basis of Green Finance’s success and represent the sustainable Green Finance mission to the outside world.

Everyone who wants to live to the fullest and become successful as an independent business partner is welcome. With the products like valuable real estate, renewable energy and sustainable capital investments, Green Finance Group shows the customers how to invest sustainably and how to make more out of their savings.

As a Business Partner, you can benefit from a wide range of opportunities: great incentives to the most beautiful places in the world, working on ambitious goals with like-minded people, financial support for offices or a car program that makes a “Dream Car” possible at the company expense.

“Green Finance” is truly “green”. Whether it is the production of solar energy or the sustainable construction or renovation of real estate. We also think about future generations through our active and thoughtful actions.

Green Business Partners create a sustainable business model. A transparent management plan, fair commissions payout, building passive income and necessary training in a wide range of areas are the basis for the success.

Green Finance Directors and Executives

Green Finance directors are the pillars of our success. Motivated partners, good working atmosphere, quality trainings and support of the Green Business Partners – this is what our management team is all about. Our directors have expertise in a wide range of areas and thus offer a lot of specialized know-how for the perfect concept of success.

As the head of the Green Finance Group companies, Christian Schauer is the man who laid the foundation for the Green Finance vision. As the driving force behind the philosophy of sustainability and customer orientation, he creates a new path in the finance industry. Mr. Schauer has not only 20 years of experience in business and technical management, but also numerous trainings and qualifications in a wide variety of fields. As a real estate trustee, commercial assets consultant and industrial engineering graduate, Christian Schauer has the best prerequisites that guarantee his long-term success as a CEO.

He has been one of the main pillars of Green Finance since the beginning, its initiator, founder, shareholder and creative designer. From the idea of ‘Green Finance’ to the orientation and definition of the company’s values to the establishment of the sales organization, the Green Finance Group owes its current success to him. He set a milestone in the history of the Green Finance Group with the business idea of litigation financing for customers who have been harmed by insurance companies and banks. Frühauf was the first Senior Business Director entitled to Alpha Pool participation. Due to his extraordinary merits for the Green Finance Group, such as a group production of more than 100 million EUR valuation sum, Gerald Frühauf was appointed its Vice President. His achievements speak for themselves.
With 26 years of professional experience in the insurance and asset management industry, Gerald Frühauf is considered an absolute specialist in the financial sector.

The areas of sales management, communication and further development are the responsibility of Michael Kottnig. With his expert knowledge and strong communication skills, he is a COO and sales director of the Green Finance Group. As a certified investment advisor and financial services provider with 20 years of industry experience and a strong talent for corporate management and further development, Michael Kottnig is the liaison for all Green Finance Group´s Business Partners on international level.

Precise and timely accounting is an important and essential building block for functioning business operations.
With his know-how and vast experience, Michael Kaiserseder manages the financial accounting department in Austria and is the commercial manager for the entire Green Finance Group.
As an expert in the areas of administration, accounting and bookkeeping and with his personal strengths of accuracy and professionalism, he is the ideal CFO. He also manages the highly successful equipment financing and trading division of the Green Finance Group.

After Walter Schuster joined the Green Finance Group, there were achieved new revenue dimensions and implemented valuable milestones especially in qualitative areas such as training and leadership quality. He has accompanied several Business Partners to the director level in the past and has played a major role in Green Finance’s international expansion into new countries. He was also the initiator of LVA24 Prozessfinanzierung, an important subsidiary of Green Finance. Green Finance’s Business Partners appreciate his reliability and assertiveness, coupled with his professionally built infrastructure.

Since 2012, Markus Jäkel has been working as a state-certified investment advisor and has made a lasting contribution to the success of the Green Finance Group due to his experience in the financial sector as well as in the areas of employee training and sales.
As a founding member, Markus Jäkel has been instrumental in the success of Green Finance since the “zero hour”. His level-headed manner and ability to work with people make him a role model for many Green Business Partners.
For him, Green Finance is much more than sustainable financial planning. His goal, together with his team, is to create sustainable, intergenerational values.

22 years in the financial services sector make Ivo Ljubas a key director in Green Finance. The specialist for sales and coaching started his professional career with an apprenticeship as an insurance salesman and he is also a state-certified investment advisor. In addition to his work as a financial services provider, Ljubas has been devoting himself since 2009 to several wind energy and photovoltaic projects. As a founding member of the Green Finance, he strengthens the company’s sustainability concept with his wide-ranging know-how in the energy and finance sectors.

Thomas Hauer, certified investment advisor, has dedicated himself since 2011 to providing expert financial services. After working for several financial companies, he became an integral part of the Green Finance management team in 2015. Thomas Hauer is characterized by his service orienteered mindset. For him the wishes of customers and their financial growth are on the first place. Therefore, he is the main driver behind Green Finance’s service quality improvements.

Thanks to his ability to communicate with people and motivating them to achieve maximum performance, Thomas Hauer has had in his two years at Green Finance a picture-perfect career and has become a main pillar of the company’s success.
He excels in diligence and respectful interaction with his team members and he reaches out to many new partners and customers through his professional presence in social media.

At the age of 22, Hashim Soliman became the youngest Business Partner to reach the director level and thus is a credible proof, that even young people can in Green Finance achieve a high position in a short time. His calmness and stability as well as his ability to make de-escalating and fact-based decisions in stressful situations are exemplary and another testimony to his analytical mind and maturity.

Philipp Brejcha has been working as a commercial investment advisor since 2007 and is an expert in the field of financial services. He is fluent in Czech and Slovak as well as German and English.
After joining the Green Finance Group in 2018, he achieved in a very short time the level of Business Director and thanks to his commitment, he is now one of the shareholders of Green Finance Group AG.
In addition to the success of his team in Austria, he is also responsible for the expansion of the Green Finance Group in Slovakia.
His motto is “class not mass” and he continues to implement this motto successfully.

Thanks to his energy, ability to express his thoughts and his impact, Danijel Peric not only managed to reach the director level, but he is also a true role model for his equally strong team. This is the result of irrepressible will and discipline. His commitment to Green Finance is absolutely exemplary and the sales growth with his team is exceptional.

After a total of 20 years in the banking and insurance sector, Monika Stasek’s path led her to Green Finance. After just a few years, she became the first woman to join the ranks of directors.
Her drive is to always respond to customer needs and to find tailor-made solutions for each individual. The innovative product range of the Green Finance Group offers the ideal tool for this and paved her way to success.
She shows her love for people every day in the company, where she always has an open ear for the concerns of her colleagues and is happy to offer advice and support.

FAQ’S- company

What is the philosophy of the Green Finance Group?

The philosophy is based on all topics of sustainability, no matter if it is about product fields or career opportunities. Green Finance Group is active in areas of valuable real estate, sustainable capital investments as well as renewable energies. The Green Finance Broker AG shows customers the advantages of its product range and convinces through stock exchange independence. Furthermore, ambitious people have the opportunity to start a career as an independent business partner of Green Finance Broker AG. One can expect great incentives, a unique Dream Car program as well as high and fair commissions and a unique training system.

How does the Green Finance Group differ from other financial services companies on the market?

The Green Finance Group specializes in sustainable financial products. It deliberately does not offer one-stop financial services. The focus is on the above-mentioned core topics as well as on litigation financing.

Which products does the Green Finance Group distribute?

The Green Finance Broker AG offers different products independent of the stock exchange. One can become a co-owner of real estate already with a small sum of money. Offered are for example shares on the respective MEG projects (e.g.: MEG Mauerkirchen) or IT services for online identification of products in the field of renewable energies. The Green Finance Group AG has a subsidiary, the Green Finance Capital AG, which acts as an issuer of capital investments and thus offers the possibility to invest in the Green Finance Group.

What are incentives and in what form are they at Green Finance Broker AG?

Incentive means stimulus. From an entrepreneurial point of view are incentives meant to motivate the Business Partners on one hand, and on the other give them a deeper insight into the future business strategies of the company.

Green Finance Broker AG offers its Business Partners a variety of travel incentives to the most beautiful places in the world. There, each Business Partner has the opportunity to exchange ideas with the management and the best Business Partners of the company and to benefit from their know-how and experience.

What exactly does the Green Finance Group do?

The Green Finance Group is an expert in the areas of valuable real estate, renewable energy and sustainable capital investments. With respect to the environment, real estate is renovated or purchased, electricity is generated by the sun and capital investments are offered that are more profitable than the classical home savings accounts and life insurance.

What is the advantage of investments outside the stock market?

The principle of the stock exchange is based on supply and demand. This can lead to fluctuations, which can often be very painful for investors. There are often no fundamental reasons for these fluctuations, as a lot of psychology and expectations have an influence.

What exactly is the MEG- Mauerkirchen project?

The Mauerkirchen project is one of the real estate projects of the Green Finance Group. It is an old furniture store that has been renovated and turned into a high-quality residential complex with 38 apartments. Thanks to the low-energy construction, large photovoltaic system as well as a playground on the roof of the house and a green atrium inside the complex, this property is one of the most beautiful housing options in the entire district. The property was fully rented within 1.5 years.

In which areas does the Green Finance Group practice sustainability?

Real estate projects focus on revitalization of existing buildings instead of new construction. By involving local communities in the process as well as organizations for the protection of nature and historical monuments, we add value to the society.

Energy generation is based on renewable resources such as the sun and valuable renewable raw material wood. When it comes to sustainable capital investments, the company invests very carefully in the clients´ interests.

Pioneer project in this area is the Green Business Center Linz. The building uses air heat pump, which heats the building during winter months and cools the offices in summer.

Sustainability is exercised in many other areas, for example with the 1000 Trees Program or the Dream Car Program, which focuses on hybrid and electric mobility.

How does the company Green Finance Group AG stand and what results were achieved in the calendar year 2023?

The annual Green Business Report contains the most important key figures. Starting with the assets, followed by the revenues up to the EBIT, one can find all relevant figures that prove the economic success of the Green Finance Group.