If you want to make more of yourself and your life, Green Finance is the right place for you!

Green Finance Broker AG offers great programs, office expense allowances and trainings on a wide range of topics.



Following the example of international companies, the founding shareholders of Green Finance Group AG give the successful Green Business Partners an opportunity to have a stake in the company in the form of common stocks with full voting rights and full dividend subscription rights.

Thus, the shareholders of Green Finance Group AG participate in the overall corporate success of all companies and in all business areas.

The conditions for receiving shares in the form of the stock purchase program are issued annually. Green Finance Group shareholders have one voting right per share at the General Assembly.

Traditionally, Green Finance Group AG holds the Annual General Assembly once a year at one of the company’s own locations.

At the General Assembly are presented the results of the previous year in the form of a comprehensive annual report and are discussed current topics and future projects. Green Finance Group AG plans in the future to distribute 30% of profits to shareholders in the form of dividends.

Dream Car Programme

The “Dream Car Program” has been part of the Green Finance Group success story for six years already.

The desire for a high-quality luxury car is often difficult to fulfill for many people. The cars that make hearts beat faster are too expensive.

At Green Finance Broker AG there is the possibility to get a dream car promoted if the turnover is consistently good. Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini are the premium brands of the Dream Car program. The Green Finance Group now has over 90 vehicles in its fleet, which are used by motivated business partners on a daily basis.

The leasing rate is subsidized month by month analogously to the generated sales on the part of Green Finance Broker AG. In the best case, the green business partner doesn’t pay a cent for his Dream Car.

Value is put on sustainability in this case as well; by 2025, around 80% of the vehicles are expected to be equipped with hybrid or electric drives.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a career changer or have previous professional experience. With Green Finance Education, training is offered for every level.

In addition to technical and sales training, the development of one’s own personality is particularly important. In addition, there are workshops where the Green Business Partners can further develop themselves on a wide range of levels.

These trainings are possible online as well as in the form of seminars and workshops with personal attendance. The flexibility in terms of time and location benefits the business partners.

Nevertheless, a high value is placed on personal training, because this is the only way to fully transfer the emotions. And one important thing: Green Finance trainings are free of charge.

In addition to the transfer of knowledge in the form of lectures, Green Finance Broker AG also offers workshops and trainings within the management, where the Business Partners have the opportunity to share what they have learned in a practical way.

This ensures that Business Partners can apply their knowledge in practice and operate successfully on the market. After all, knowledge alone is not enough, it must be also put into practice.



A well-kept and representative office is an important component of business success. First impression and a pleasant atmosphere are important for both recruiting and customer meetings.

Office space is associated with a financial outlay and places an enormous burden on new business partners in particular. For this reason, there is an office expense allowance in the Green Finance Group. This makes it possible for Business Partners to afford their own office at the very beginning of their career.

The amount of the financial allowance depends on the turnover and is settled through the commission / settlement account. All marketing materials, state-of-the-art scanners and printers, and office signs are also provided by Green Finance Group.

Thus, Green Finance Group enables new Business Partners to start their successful business.

Do you have any further questions?
You will find the answers in the frequently asked questions section.


Do you have a question about a career as a Business Partner?

For this reason, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers in our FAQs. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone!

What does a career at Green Finance Broker AG look like?

From the age of 18, everyone has the opportunity to apply at Green Finance Broker AG. As a rule, you will start in the position of Business Assistant 1 and can work your way up by achieving success for the business, thus also receiving increased commission. Payments are made on a commission basis. From the position of Team Manager onwards, there are also team commissions in addition to personal commissions.

How does Green Finance Broker AG's Dream Car Programme work?

Green Finance Broker AG’s business partners receive monthly allowances for their very own dream car, depending on the commissions they generate through Green Finance Premium products. More information can be found in the portal for Green Business Partners.

How does Green Finance Broker AG's Office Support Programme work?

Business partners who achieve good results at Green Finance Group AG receive allowances for their office. It is thus possible to build up your own distinguished location for customers and business partners even when just starting your business activities.

What does a career at Green Finance Broker AG look like for a newcomer to the industry who's just getting started?

At the start of your Green Finance career, you will participate in our standardised and proven training units. Once you’ve completed your basic induction, you will undertake a foundational training course lasting several weeks. The specific expertise involved in the Green Finance range of services, as well as personality development, which is equally important, is then discussed and nurtured. All these high-quality training elements are completely free of charge and therefore constitute an important unique selling point of the Green Finance Group.

How can I move up to the next highest position in my career at Green Finance Broker AG?

At Green Finance Broker AG, there are two career paths. The next highest position can be achieved either by means of personal production (without a sales team) or via team production. There is a turnover threshold that must be reached for each position. In the higher positions, it is necessary to achieve this in two consecutive quarters.

What requirements are there in terms of what I need to offer to be able to work at Green Finance Broker AG?

In principle, no specific training is required to work at Green Finance Broker AG. However, in the Green Finance Group, a positive attitude to work, honesty and ambition are prerequisites for success. Experience in sales or financial services is an advantage.

What is passive income, and how can I earn it in the Green Finance Group?

We speak of passive income when someone achieves a monthly, regular income without having to make any repeated efforts and without any operational efforts of their own. This makes it possible to build up a permanent income that is paid out regularly, even without any additional sales. This leads to noticeable stabilisation of the finances of business partners.

For which investors are the products of the Green Finance Group suitable?

The products are suitable for anyone who wants to invest in the topic of sustainability. Starting at €25 per month and extending to one-off deposits that can even be in the seven-digit range, the freedom and scope of investment leave all options open. As with any product on the financial market, there are also risks, which can be gleaned in the relevant documents.

How can I benefit as an investor?

Investors have the opportunity to acquire shares in the MEG Mauerkirchen project from ImmoWerte GmbH. These shares offer the greatest possible security, because each investor is also recorded as an owner in the Austrian land register. Furthermore, the investor benefits from the monthly rental payouts. The administrative expenses are fully taken care of by ImmoWerte GmbH, a subsidiary of the Green Finance Group.

What training will I receive at Green Finance Broker AG?

There are monthly training units in the company, as well as seminars in which the philosophy of our group of companies and the career opportunities are explained.

For existing business partners (BPs for short) who have been in the company for a long time, there are also training courses in the field of personality development, as well as workshops on current topics so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

For those interested in becoming a business partner, there is the possibility of participating in so-called selection processes, or company presentations, without obligation. All training units are free of charge, and catering is also provided.