Journal June 2023


On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, the events in the Leberstraße literally came to a head.

More than 100 business partners followed the invitation of the Green Finance Group and listened on the one hand to the welcome by Dir. Walter Schuster and then the words of thanks from Colonel Walter Ziegler-Benko, deputy commander of the police elite unit WEGA, to our CEO Christian Schauer for making the property available free of charge for operational exercises (including hostage-taking and shooting exercises).

Afterwards, our CEO Christian Schauer took over the microphone and immediately after finishing his speech, an armed kidnapping team stormed the premises, dragged Christian Schauer into a car in front of all of us and sped away.

Immediately afterwards, a ransom was demanded and in the course of the (faked) ransom handover, the WEGA tank raced towards the hostage-taker. Heavily armed WEGA officers, flanked by snipers in position, rappelled down from the roof and were able to free the unharmed hostage and arrest the kidnappers.

Thus there were even more reasons to celebrate and the day was brought to a fitting end with meat loaf and a beer or two.

We could all convince ourselves live of the professionalism of the WEGA and are very grateful for this demonstration, as well as the WEGA to the Green Finance Group for the training opportunities.