Journal January 2023


In the wonderfully decorated event hall in the Green Business Center in Graz 120 Green Business Partners from the directorates Frühauf, Jäkel, Hauer and Brejcha.

The first part was a review of 2022, where the successful projects of the Green Finance Group were highlighted by our CEO, Christian Schauer. were presented. The figures that were generated this year were truly breathtaking and breathtaking and caused great admiration. The upcoming real estate projects, first and foremost the new MEG in Weng, as well as the bombastic construction of the Green Business Center in Vienna, were not to be missed in the presentation.

This was followed by a review of the sales activities of the calendar year 2022 by COO, Michael Kottnig. A total result of just under 27 million GVA was an exceptionally great performance from our sales sales team and we were again able to provide many new people with a sales home in Green Finance. The new incentives and the sales-related topics for 2023 were also part of the presentation.

In between, great dishes were served, making the evening an entertaining and crisp event.

Before the much anticipated honors for the best Green Business Partners of the past year, Senior Business Directors Gerald Frühauf and Markus Jäkel passed on important sales info and Martin Hauder, Key Account Manager of Sun Invest AG, rounded off the presentations in his usual motivating manner.

After the rousing presentations and honors, there was an after show party that lasted into the morning hours with a professional DJ. The last Business Partners left our Green Business Centers with the first rays of sunshine, which speaks for a really successful event.